06 November 2010

Kate Braun : (First Quarter) Moon Musings

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Moon musings:
First Quarter Moon
(November 7-November 12, 2010

By Kate Braun / The Rag Blog / November 6, 2010

This phase of the moon is a time to act, to start new activities and projects, to work on things that require growth. Sunset is the best time to activate whatever energies you choose to work with, but preparation may begin earlier in the day as a first quarter moon always rises at noon.

One interesting activity would be to make a God’s Eye that would be used as a facilitator in your meditations during this moon-phase. Ideally you would use yew branches or twigs, but any wood is acceptable. Use white, red, blue, orange, and yellow (in that order) yarn or ribbon to weave the design.

Hold the God’s Eye while you perform this centering ritual: Sitting comfortably, take seven easy yoga-breaths (in through the nose, out through the mouth, gently and smoothly with no huffing, puffing, or gasping) as you concentrate on filling all the empty spaces in your body with each inhalation and emptying those spaces with each exhalation.

When you complete these seven breaths, you will be in an Alpha-rhythm, the best place to be for meditation. You may use the center of your God’s Eye as your focus-point.

If you celebrate on Sunday you should include rituals for money, health, and friendship-related matters in your projects. On Monday, the focus should be more on your Self, seeking inspiration and change. On Tuesday, some concentration on protecting property would be appropriate. On Wednesday, make career aspirations a focus of your intent. On Thursday, concentrate on money-making endeavors. On Friday, some of your energies should center on your personal feelings, especially where love and attraction are concerned.

Eat spicy food such as tamales, nachos, and tacos. Include the cheese of your choice as you assemble these foods. Drink tea, either black or green, and water. Don’t let yourself become too heavy with food. You need energy to properly connect with Lady Moon, not to be so well-fed that you feel the need for a siesta.

Whether you are alone or among friends, conclude the evening by saying aloud:
May I be at peace
May my heart remain open
May I awaken to the light of my own true nature
[Kate Braun's website is www.tarotbykatebraun.com. If you know any moon lore that you would like to share with Kate, please send it to her at kate_braun2000@yahoo.com.]

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