15 January 2010

Bush to Haiti : You've Got to be Kidding!

George Bush and Bill Clinton: a marriage made in Haiti.

Back to the scene of the crime:
Bush ousted Haiti's Aristide, blew it with Katrina
This is just the last straw for me with the phony baloney bipartisanship fetish.
By Larry Piltz / The Rag Blog / January 15, 2010

Is it hurricane season already? George W. Bush is bringing his Katrina and Aristide-related skills to Haiti.

This is just the last straw for me with the phony baloney bipartisanship fetish. Teaming Clinton with Bush, either going to Haiti or to front for its rescue and recovery funding efforts, just totally tears it. There is no equivalence between the two leaders. None whatsoever.

First, Clinton made an effort to restore democracy to Haiti. Bush pulled a coup d'etat in Haiti and had its President Aristide kidnapped and dumped in Africa. Bush's actions caused the murder of hundreds of innocent citizens in Haiti and tormented the island nation, not to mention leaving known human rights abusers in charge of the coup regime. Nice plan, George.

Second, under no circumstances and in no rational person's imagination could Bush represent anything but efforts at destruction and subversion, not rescue or recovery. Look around the world today. Look at Iraq -- destroyed. Look at Afghanistan -- criminal neglect and return of the Taliban. Look at Pakistan -- frighteningly dangerous deterioration in a nuclear nation's security.

Sure, the U.S. Navy helped out after the Indian Ocean tsunami, but that was because Bush had pushed us unnecessarily into war against practically the entire southern half of Asia. We happened to be there. Call it a lucky mistake.

Third, which is related to #2, look at New Orleans. Just look at it. No, it's not returned to anything near normal since the levees failed after Katrina. Not even half-normal. Bush ensured that New Orleans was ethnically cleansed, created a refugee diaspora, and ensured that people in the flood and its immediate aftermath suffered far worse than would have been necessary under Clinton's FEMA, which Bush largely dismantled through Brownie-style privatization efforts. Though just maybe Bush can claim a little bit of credit for Reggie Bush. No relation. Go Saints.

Fourth, the world's financial system collapsed under Bush, largely due to his laissez-fail ideology. Where's the money to rebuild anything? Not even Haiti. Let alone America, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

Bush is no Bill Clinton or Jimmy Carter. Hell, he's not Bush the Elder or even Gerald Ford. Bush gives ridiculous pep talks with that buffoon Giuliani at so-called positive thinking seminars. Bush wisecracks at a hunting convention. Bush buys the house next door to his Dallas home and tears it down, leaving it empty so he can have a bigger side yard. Next he'll be cutting ribbons at gun shows. What a guy! At least there won't be any more important memos to ignore.

Since it looks like he's going to be the new Bush in the new millenium's traveling Clinton-Bush puppet show, maybe it could be considered community service, to begin to make up for throwing the world into chaos and suffering for who knows how long. But he'll have to work it off for the rest of his life, and then pass on his debt to society to his children and grandchildren, and many more begats after that.

So cool it with the stupid obsessive-compulsive bipartisan kabuki theater, media mavens and nebbish "centrists.” Your idiotic "push me-pull you" story line never was real. Regarding Haiti, I've never met Bill Clinton, I wasn't Bill Clinton's friend, and Bill Clinton was no angel when it came to imperialism, but George W. Bush, you are no Bill Clinton, though George, you may yet get the credit you deserve for being Herbert Hoover, with a side of war crimes thrown in.

God save the people and animals of Haiti, and God save them from George W. Bush, this time.

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