17 July 2013

VERSE / Larry Piltz : Spurred by Love

Lonesome cowboy, Kiev, Ukraine, 2009. Photo by Phil Douglis / PBase.

Spurred by Love

[For Buck Ramsey, Cowboy Poet Laureate]

On his last mount
the cowboy cries
a lonesome roller
and practitioner
of the riding
roping arts
also known
as its poet
laureate supreme
one late night
saying goodbye
please stay
won't you

sobbing alone
one more time
to bay at the soul
of the lifeless moon
alone by the range
in the kitchen
of his exile
from the life
he'd loved
for an accident
thrown by life
from his horse
into the irony
of being the iconic
sad troubadour
of all the cowboys
lonesome yet
for a while
with no end
in sight
and poetry
to write

Larry Piltz / The Rag Blog
Indian Cove
Austin, Texas
July 17, 2013

[Larry Piltz is an Austin-based writer, poet, and musician. Find more articles and poetry by Larry Piltz on The Rag Blog.]

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