15 February 2011

Kate Braun : Full Moon on Frigga's Day

Full moon over Austin. Image from Haggard & Halloo / Matt Schiavenza.

Moon Musings:
Full Moon on Frigga's Day
(Friday, February 18, 2011)

By Kate Braun / The Rag Blog / February 15, 2011

Friday is Frigga’s day: Frigga who is wife to Odin, Frigga who is a child of Earth, Frigga who personifies the Matron-goddess energy called upon in this moon-phase ritualing. Venus, a watery planet also called “Frigga’s Star," rules this day and should be prominently featured in your activities along with the color green, the number seven, and the elements Earth and Water.

It is traditional, although not mandatory, to perform Full Moon rituals at midnight. It is not good to run low on energy, and neither is it good to have energy sapped with the effort of digesting a hearty meal -- so snack lightly on cheese and crackers or bread, fruits, water, fruit punch, and vegan fare before commencing whatever activities you select to observe this night.

If possible, celebrate outdoors and with bare feet so as to better feel your connection with Earth. If the weather precludes outdoor activities, use a room where there is at least one window through which you can see the Moon. If there is no direct view of the Moon, you may either position a mirror to reflect the Moon into your chosen space or place an image of the Moon on your altar to help you invoke Moon-energy. Notice the color of this Full Moon. Lore tells us that a pale Full Moon indicates rain, while a red Full Moon promises wind.

Center yourself with seven soft and easy yoga-breaths: in through the nose and out through the mouth, filling all the empty spaces in your body with the inhalations and emptying those spaces completely with the exhalations. No huffing or puffing, no hurrying in this activity. Take your time. Be aware of the spaces in the sinus cavities and between the joints of the fingers and toes as well as the filling and emptying of the lungs.

These seven inhalations and exhalations not only center you and connect you to Earth, they also ease you into an Alpha-rhythm that facilitates the meditative state. If you prefer to sit or lie down as you visualize the realization of whatever goals you are setting, please do so. There is no requirement to assume any specific posture.

If you choose to burn incense or play music, these things should be in harmony with your intent. If you choose to chant or sing or speak a mantra, it should be repeated seven times in a measured tone at a measured pace. If you choose to light candles, use white and green candles only.

Invoke the matron goddess of your choice to help you in contacting your Guides, also to show you the path you will be walking until the next New Moon. Place bowls of water at the cardinal compass-points (north, east, south, west) of your ritual area and dip your fingers into them as Spirit moves you, sprinkling the water about and on you and the space around you.

Focus your energies and intent on positive workings within the fields of artistic endeavors, health and fitness, health and healing, self-improvement, change and the decisions change brings, and motivation to achieve the goals you set this night. You may also perform rituals for protection and success in legal undertakings.

When you have finished your activities, hold a moonstone in your mouth as you contemplate the goals you have set and the direction you plan to follow. Then place the moonstone in the pillowcase with the pillow you lay your head upon. Pay attention to your dreams this night. The Lore is that to dream of a clear Moon is an indicator of success, also that your dreams this night will reveal your future.

[Kate Braun's website is www.tarotbykatebraun.com. She can be reached at kate_braun2000@yahoo.com.]

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