25 June 2010

Paul Krassner : Why Firing the General Was an Act of God

Cartoon by Larson / The Far Side / The Mutt's Nuts.

Why firing the General
Was an act of God

By Paul Krassner / The Rag Blog / June 25, 2010
  1. The volcano in Iceland was considered an Act of God.
  2. Smoke from the volcano caused countless flights to be canceled.
  3. The Rolling Stone correspondent was stuck in Paris.
  4. Embedded there, he hung around with talkative drinkers.
  5. They revealed stuff while forgetting it was being told to a reporter.
  6. He wrote in his article what they had said.
  7. The fact checkers verified those statements.
  8. The article was shown to Barack Obama.
  9. Whether he fired McChrystal or didn’t, Republicans would criticize.
  10. The president fired the general, ultimately due to an Act of God.
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