13 February 2010

VERSE / Larry Piltz : You Asked Us To Believe

"Library" by Bernard Zackheim, 1933. Detail from a mural at the Coit Tower in San Francisco. It was part of a series of murals produced under the auspices of the New Deal's Public Works Art Project. The massive effort stirred up controversy due to the inclusion by some of the 26 participating artists of what were interpreted as leftist images.

You Asked Us To Believe
(Oh Yes You Can)

Fear Wins read the headlines
on the papers on the windows
as the sun rose on the anger
of a nation at the headlines

Where's the savior who's in favor
of the humans and the being
and the freeing of the nation
from the bread lines and their danger

There's a moment in the waiting
in the hoping amid the wondering
when time turns into motion
into the surge of a mighty ocean

Hear me now
you asked us to believe
in something more
than what we thought we could achieve
so we carried you
right through that open door
into the sun
now please don't make us grieve
that open door
we can do more
you asked us to believe
we can do more
so hear me now
oh yes you can
oh yes we can
we can do more

It's been an eon in the making
and we're tired of fear and quaking
when time stops but for its moment
to observe just what will foment
what will you do for the people
you of the people
you by the people
will you mount up
or preach a sermon
when the people
are called vermin
cause they're hungry
and they're desperate
will your peace
be one that's separate

There's a champion in the headlines
in the bread lines in the life lines
with a deadline and a dateline
but whose dream will be the byline
will Love Wins read the headlines
in the sunshine will it be mine
and the nation's claim to glory
when history writes its story

So hear us now
you made the world believe
in something more
that it's dreamt it can achieve
we'll carry you
push right on through that door
it can be done
so help us celebrate
that open door
we can do more
oh yes you can
oh yes we can
you've helped us to believe
we can do more
Oh yes you can
Oh yes we can
right through that open door
we can do more
Oh yes we can

Larry Piltz / The Rag Blog

Indian Cove
Austin, Texas
February 13, 2010

[Note: This poem is a song.
Anyone capable of helping
get it produced and recorded
please speak up in the comments.
Thanks. – L.P.]

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