10 November 2009

Mariann G. Wizard : Ft. Holabird Haiku

Still life of toy soldiers. Photo by Margaret Bourke-White, Jan 01, 1937 / Time and Life Pictures / Getty Images

Ft. Holabird Haiku

See the soldiers, row on row,
green leaves on trees --
beware defoliant!

Vietnam had soldiers too,
green boys in trees
whose limbs are now burnt black.

In the spring their leaves renew;
people's roots bring
fresh life to scarred branches.

Mariann G. Wizard
Pacific Grove, CA, 1970

Posted Veterans Day, 2009 / The Rag Blog

Wizard Sez: "For a non-profit group to support this Veterans Day you may not know about yet, check out the Vietnam Agent Orange Relief & Responsibility Campaign. Help veterans here and civilians in Vietnam -- including children -- still suffering the aftereffects of US defoliation chemicals."

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