06 July 2009

Treatment of Homeless Kids : Texas is DEAD LAST

This map shows state rankings on the issue of homeless children. Click on image to enlarge. For an interactive version, go here.

In the grand tradition:
Texas is dead last in its treatment of homeless children

By Roger Baker / The Rag Blog / July 6, 2009

Texas is one of those states like Mississippi that tends to rank up near the top in things that are bad, and way near the bottom in things that are are good, especially concerning things that take money to fix. Texas has a governor, Rick Perry, who is now leading a crusade against taxes to get reelected, with predictable results on the neediest citizens.

Now Texas has done it again by ranking DEAD LAST among all fifty states in how Texas treats its homeless children. Children cost money to house and feed, and of course they can't vote. Go here to see the report card explaining how all the states rank:

To get the details for Texas, go here for either an executive summary or a more detailed report:

Here are some lowlights of the report on child homelessness in Texas:
Minimum wage: $6.55
Average wage for renters: $14.94
Hourly wage needed to rent a 2 bedroom apartment: $15.02

High school graduation rate for homeless children -- 25%

under 6 years of age = 141,584
Grades K-8, enrolled = 164,086
Grades 9-12, enrolled = 31,484
Total = 337,105

Total housing units available for homeless families. 3,694
Extent of child homelessness. Rank: # 49
Child well-being. Rank: # 44
Risk for child homelessness # 50
State policy and planning: Inadequate
Overall rank. #50 (50 is worst)

Percent of uninsured children: 21.8%
Funds allocated to schools for education of homeless children: $16
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