20 August 2008

Court Gives Green Light to "Boobs on Bikes" Parade

Boobs on Bikes Parade, 2007. Photo by Craig Sydney.
A note on the following post. Besides the fact that it's entertaining news, we believe there to be a substantial civil liberties issue involved here and I, for one, consider erotica to be a legitimate form of protected expression.

Thorne Dreyer / The Rag Blog / August 20, 2008
Parade, part of Erotica Expo, features leather-clad porn stars
By David Fox / August 19, 2008

WELLINGTON -- A New Zealand court has allowed a parade of topless porn stars on motor bikes to proceed on the main street of the country's biggest city, local media said Tuesday.

Auckland City Council had sought a court injunction to stop the "Boobs on Bikes" parade, scheduled for Wednesday, saying it breached a bylaw banning offensive public events.

But Judge Nicola Mathers said while opponents may find the parade offensive or tasteless, the fact that 80,000 people had gathered for a similar event last year meant a significant number of people did not agree with the critics, New Zealand Press Association said.

The parade on Queens St., featuring leather-clad local and international porn stars, is part of an "Erotica Expo" organized by self-styled "porn king" Steve Crow.

Source / Reuters

Thanks to Jim Retherford / The Rag Blog

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