28 June 2008

I Ran

"Drachen 6" / Irena Vezin.

I Ran

I was so scared, and there was no one to stand up beside me –
I was so weak, and I searched, but there was no place to hide me –
I was so lost, and I knew that I'd made the wrong turning –
Was I less than a man?
I didn't know, so I Ran.

I Ran – through the darkness, and I never saw you –
I Ran – through the bombs, without hearing your song –
I Ran – through the smoke of my own soul burning –
I Ran straight through to Hell –
When I got there, I fell.

I was so cold, and there was no one to say I still mattered –
I was so sad, and all my bright colors were tattered –
I was so broke, and there was no job where I could be earning –
Was I less than a man?
I didn't know, so I Ran.

I Ran – though all my friends tried to restrain me –
I Ran – there were funds set aside to retrain me –
I Ran – but I was way too upset to be learning –
I Ran flat out of time –
Can you spare me a dime?

Now it's so late, and I don't see I've got many choices –
And it's so hard, to make sense of all of the voices –
If you love me, you'll know what this song is concerning –
Am I less than a man?
I don't know, so I Ran!

© 6/28/08 mgwizard

Mariann Wizard
June 28, 2008

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